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So the back half of the year is here and this is when things start to heat up and get super busy towards the end of the year.  I know info can be everywhere so I'm going to do my best to try and update here so that its made readily available.  Remember though all of PBT/UDEF events sign ups will be done through BreakKonnect so tune in there as well and familiarize yourself with everything on that site.  It will continue to grow ad facilitate all your needs. -

Tour Schedule for Pro Breaking Tour Events.  All USA Based events. *not including Freestyle Session Events overseas.  Remember PBT/UDEF is a USA Based entity so most events will be in the USA.  

PBT Invitational which is a televised event taking place at 326 Technology Center Way in Rockhill, SC August 5th.  Yes South Carolina.  We are gunning for it to be free to the public but possibly might be $10 as the sports after us are charging they were up in the air on what we could do.  Call time is 1-2PM so be there by at least 12PM to gain entry.  We will have room for everyone. 

Week after is Philly Open presented by A.Fatti.  This has quickly become one of the premier events on the tour.  Can't wait to check out what's in store this year.

Floorlords are back with the return of United Styles 3 vs 3.  Also celebrating their 41st Anniversary!  If you're in the East Coast and beyond this is where its at!


Freestyle Session Special Edition is back in August 27th going down in the Bay Area.  Tickets are now available at this link -

Link to Event info is here -

Tickets are a must for everyone entering the building whether spectating or entering.  If you plan on entering sign ups are here -

more info coming soon on Freestyle Session World Finals which is our 25th Anniversary!  Crew battles going to be crazy.  We've had two qualifications one in Japan and the other in Switzerland with Good Foot Crew taking the W in Japan and The Ruggeds taking the W in Europe.  Coming up soon will be events in Colombia and South Korea.  We will drop info here when its all made available. 

sorry for the disorderly order but figured I would put the US dates first.  Will tighten it all up on a future post but for now just leaving you with some good info.

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