Shigekix and 671 earn there way to the Olympics at the 2023 Asian Games

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  In a stacked line up for the men's Shigekix(Japan) edges the long time veteran Hong Ten(S. Korea) in the Men's Breaking Finals at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China to earn his OLYMPIC Top 16 spot. The judges Kadoer(ESP), Kujo(USA), Dora(HUN), Crumbs(USA), Manny(UK), Maurizio(ITA), Vitamin(UKR) and Z.Yang(CHN) had their work cut out for them with both finals ending in a 2-1 decision.  Hosts MG and MC Super D kept the crowd pumped with DJ FLEG(USA) and JYES(CHN) on the beats.  On the women's side 671(CHN) took the home country advantage and rode it out to a win over perennial favorite AMI(Japan).  Rounding out 3rd place for each was Lithe-ing(CHN) and Ayumi(Japan).  

  These Olympic spots are really shaping up for what will be a crazy Olympic Qualification Series next year leading into the Games. With every country with a  representative, this leaves anyone near the top from the same country having to go to the OQS to claim their spot versus winning a Country Qualifier. In the case of the USA, Victor winning the World Championships a few weeks ago leaves Jeffro, Morris, and Gravity battling it out for the last spot on the US side (only two from each country can go to the Olympics). Going into the World Championships, Jeffro and Gravity were both ahead of Victor in points.  

  Qualifying Bboys so far are Shigekix(JPN), Victor(USA), Dany(FRA) and Billy(MOR) and Bgirls are 671(CHN), India(Netherlands), Nicka(LTH) and El Mamouny(MOR)

There are only two more direct qualification events Pan American Games taking place late Oct early Dec in Chile and Oceana which has not yet released date yet.

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