Freestyle Session 25 Year Anniversary

   Yo what can I say it's been an incredible ride.  25 Years!  We've had a lot of folks come and go as well as folks that have been down since day one still in the thick of it all.  From the gym floors of L Street Boys and Girls Club to being the last big event at the old Palladium, Rocking the Boat at the Queen Mary to bringing down the house at LA BOOM and rocking venues worldwide.  Freestyle Session started as a void in the San Diego scene to standing out amongst the greatest of events in the world and still standing!  Adding other dance styles along the way as well as keeping the Hip Hop essence alive.  We can't wait to share whats in store for this years edition.  Can click the Facebook link to see all the updates as they unfold! 

Freestyle Session 25 Year Anniversary Festival presented by Jack in the Box | Facebook

This year we are heading with the Full Crew 10 vs 10 Breaking Battle.  We held qualifiers in Europe/Switzerland at the Find your Flow Festival in Switzerland with the RUGGEDS taking the W.  Then in Japan we held a qualification at the Yokohama Urban Sports Festival with the GOOD FOOT CREW taking the W.  Then we had a trip to Colombia where the LOS CHICOS DEL BARRIO winning the spot.  And last but not least Australia qualifier where SKB took the title.

Also this year we split the Open Style category and made it more style exclusive.  All Hip Hop dance styles will be in the Hip Hop category.  House will be obviously named House.  And a. new hybrid category with Locking making a return along side Waacking.  

And being that this is the 25th Anniversary we wanted to make a showcase that we haven't seen in awhile at FSS.  So we have none other then Koco aka Shimokita from Japan playing some crazy 45's alongside Diamond D from DITC who will be doing the same.  And to bring it home and close out the show we have none other than RAEKWON the CHEF from the WU TANG CLAN!  You will not want to miss this.  We also have a special guest performance lined up but that will remain on the hush hush...

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