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So today I wanted to shout a few podcasts and vlogs I been watching and listening to from the likes of Zeku, Gravity, Kai, MG and more.  It's always good to get content other then the battles digging into the mind of Bboys, Bgirls & beyond.  Also I listed a few extra ones that I've been listening to outside of the scop of just breaking to break from breaking in general.  So much content out there and its good to see more variety in the breaking space.  Let us know via twitter or instagram @fssworldwide what some of your favorite podcasts or vlogs so we can check them out as well....

Breakin Business - Podcast by Zeku.  Going beyond the dance floor and into the minds of dancers mainly although his last episode had the notorious Atomik of the Miami area who is known for his artwork.  Heres an episode with Logistix who happens to be from my hometown of San Diego.  Zeku for being a youngster has alot of knowledge you can tell he's been around some older heads and really soaked up game.

MG from Outbreak EU and The Legits team brings you Speak Up.  Lot of great guests this episode is with yours truly and DJ Ervin Arana.  Lots of great questions and content with his episodes he goes on live and interacts with the crowd fields questions from whoever is watching live then uploads later when they're finished.  Give the Legits a follow and check out some newer broadcasts with guests such as Intact, Storm, Felix of Fusik, Bojin and many more.

Breakfree Worldwide Podcast.  Break Free has really been stepping up their game this year with the Online Battles, Podcasts and online classes.   https://breakfreeworldwide.com/ is the website to check.  And below is a sample of their podcast.  They've had some real cool guests and this one had one of the most iconic of our time Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew.


GraviTV - Gravity has been pushing the limits with dance and hes starting to venture out and learn content creation with vlogs.  Hes been upping his game I chose to post an earlier episode so that you have a starting point.  When you see his newer episodes you can see how much better hes gotten with each one.  Check it out...

The Crossroadz Podcast - Podcast by Kai of StanceElements.  Just one that you can listen to but I'm sure they will plan on going visual soon.  And I believe he just added Nico to the team as well.  I enjoy these in depth talks hes had guests such as Moy, Ryan Elusive, Ronnie from Red Bull and more.  He's about 10 shows deep so theres a good amount to catch up on.


DJ Fingaz has these quick hitter podcast and he offers some topics around djing and business.  Could also help some bboys/bgirls out.  Always good to see what other folks are going through in this day and time.  Fingaz was instrumental in supplying the music at the early Freestyle Session events in the 90's-2000's.


 Ben Baller podcast.  Ben is hilarious you'd probably know him as the jeweler to the stars.  I know him as a sneaker collector from back in the day on Niketalk as well as Jonas from LRG roll dog.  Hes been around for a long while.  I've even heard him shout out the Radio and old school Los Angeles breaking/hip hop scene in the 80's going way back.  He's got a plethora of interesting stories and guests.  Comes out every Monday and Thursday.  Hes heading into episode 100 next week.  Also hes gamed up in the Corona Virus and was one of the first people I heard speaking on it and really getting more into the topic.  Cool content for sure.

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    If you an entrepreneur then podcasts can help you to grow your business easily. Entrepreneur podcasts can help you to build a relationship with your audience. You can inform about your business, products, or service to your audience through the podcast.

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    Happy you back at it with this new website good luck.

  • Noise Of The Broke Boys on

    I launched a podcast this year focused on digging into what drives the artistic intent in the hip hop arts.
    Peep it if you are interested! It’s called Noise Of The Broke Boys. It’s on all major platforms with video podcast on YouTube and Facebook.


  • Kai Goh @vertigohvision on

    I’m looking forward to following what’s up on this site, congrats Cros! The shoutout means the world 🙏🏼

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