Behind the Music w/ Dj Renegade

Behind the Music episode 2 with special guest Dj Renegade. 

Prodance TV is collaborating with The Notorious IBE organizer MC Mario Bee and IBE resident DJ Nobunaga offering an inside look into the stories of the music played by the top DJ’s of the Breaking and hip hop dance community.  They've actually been coming out with some cool different content lately since the Rona Rona been out and about.  ProDance Talk is pretty dope and goes in depth with dancers.  This Behind the Music is with DJ's and Music Makers.

I've known Dj Renegade since about 2004 when Storm had him come with to Freestyle Session back then on the Queen Mary.  Also Nobunaga has been doing his thing in Europe for awhile as well and just got invited to Freestyle Session last year to DJ.  It was cool to see a little more behind the scenes from a DJ's perspective.   He drops some gems as he usually does....

Check it out and let us know what you think...

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