SIDE HUSTLES in 2020 part 1

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  Side hustles are vital in keeping the bills paid and staying ahead in the 2020s or to catch up. Literally, with the pandemic and overhead rising in every aspect of life, you will usually have to pick up extra income avenues. Whether for keeping afloat, getting ahead, or for the things you want in life from outside investments(crypto, stocks, property & more) or just keeping away from your principal income. 

 I'll break this down into different segments because this can be overwhelming. First, I will cover the merchandise apps/websites. Great to sell merch that you have made, collectibles, used goods, and more. Future, I'll cover app hustles, side gigs, and more. One step at the time, let's get into merch. Since the beginning of doing events and even as far back as high school, I have always wanted to start a clothing line. We used to have a silkscreen class, and we learned how to cut films and print. Fast forward to my first year of doing events; it was only right to do event merchandise. So I started with Freestyle Session LOGO shirts. Twenty-three years later, these shirts are still selling. Back then, we'd post up a banner on a discussion board or website and solicit that route and wait to receive Money orders and checks lol. There are so many ways to get the product off these days, though, so I will cover them below. I have first-hand experience with some and others I have friends who have messed with it, but I'll try and list all the ones I know.

 Not going to cover how to make merch as that's relatively simple(maybe it'll be a blog post in the future). Suppose you need help making simple things like T-shirt/Sweatshirt printing, Embroideries on Hats, Jackets, etc. Then you can reach out to me; that's something I've done for small businesses in the past(one of my side hustles lol).

  Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Squarespace, and more

 I've used BigCommerce and Volusion in the past and use Square for a stand-alone site but just migrated to Shopify, and wow, I don't know why I took so long. Built more for companies with there own brands, but you can use the e-commerce page for anything. Regardless though these sites are super easy to plug and play(like building a Myspace page for the older folks lol). You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates that can be adjusted by color etc. Also, with Shopify, you can do plugins from marketing, email, drop-ship you name it, they probably have an app for it. You ever wanted to have a brick and mortar store? Running a website is way cheaper, and you can see if your idea will even take flight. And if it does, then brick and mortar will be way easier to migrate to a built-in customer base. When I bought into Armory Hip Hop Shop I had already, so converting a record store to a Hip Hop Shop was easy. And bringing in the customer base of FSS served well in setting up the Armory to grow much faster then if I didn't have that in place.


  Depop, eBay, Craigslist, Offerup, and more

 I've used all these, but they've all got sort of a niche market, so I'll cover them separately.

  EBAY- Been using eBay since, man, I don't even remember how long back its been. But I've sold random things from some of my merch like videos to collectibles or just random things that need a bigger audience. What I use it for most is probably collectibles. How many times have you tried to buy something, and whoever was selling tries to give you the eBay price? Lol, they wish. However, eBay's price is the selling price minus eBay fee, which will usually be about 10% plus shipping and PayPal fee's(also owned by eBay). The audience is plentiful, though, and worldwide, so you pay for tapping into that network. Take a pic of the product, make a clear description, and pick a category. All these things are essential cause it helps zone in on your customer.

  CRAIGSLIST and OFFERUP - Craigslist and OFFERUP are useful for things you don't want to ship or know that locals will grab up. Usually, I try here before putting it on an eBay cause CL/OU doesn't take any fees. I've sold deadstock shoes, car parts, computers, etc. People are getting rid of things EVERY DAY. So it's easy to find outstanding deals that you could scoop up and resell. If I have time on my hands in the past, I've discovered turntables for way cheaper then going value or computers. Sometimes you may need to clean them up or do some fixes, but regardless, once it's all said and done, you add it to your price and boom money made. If you don't understand the mechanics of all that, then I wouldn't recommend doing it, but if you are an expert on some items, you will know when you are finding deals.

  DEPOP - I just got hipped to this site a few months ago and sold many of my old clothes and shoes. It's pretty focused on vintage and classic stuff but has a variety of things. Sneakers to clothing are the main items you'll find. If you have a closet full of stuff, you don't want to take some pictures and pop it into the app. It's pretty much like doing an Instagram post with extra steps built-in. Once you sell an item, they take their cut, print out the label, put in a box, and ship. Super simple. Check out my depop for ideas or browse the site -

  STOCKX or GOAT - Both these sites are sneaker sites, but StockX has ventured off into streetwear, sports collectibles, and more. If you into shoe collecting, then you've gone to these sites to buy stuff. But you can sell your items pretty easy on them. You press the sell button, and it will tell you what someone will pay on the spot for an item. Perfect for you impatient people lol. But you can also just put a price you would take to part with an object and wait it out. Never know someone may be on the hunt for the particular pair and size you have.  

  DISCOGS - Discogs is the same as the above sites; its all buying and selling but particularly for records, cd's and tapes?  

There's more like Etsy, Mercari, etc. Pretty similar to Depop, but I don't have much experience in those.  

I hope this helps you a little, but I know maybe individually, it may not be much. Still, if you find your way and navigate through them all, you may find one that sticks, or you can use them all to give you that little edge to monetize things you may have sitting around, or you may find stuff along your way that you know you can get off on these sites. Next up, I'll cover App hustles. Please give me a bit though going to take a while for me to write about that lol....



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