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Just checked out this explanation of BPM by Timber and thought I'd share.  Will definitely help your dancing or djing.  You gotta understand every facet of music to catch wreck.  Also check out his links below to get some dope music to groove to...

When it comes to breakin and music, throughout the years I've heard so many (IMO) misguided subjective words such 'fast', 'slow', 'hype' & 'energy' used to describe music. However, there's another way to measure music that is less commonly spoken about, one which is based on fact, not opinion, and that's tempo. Tempo is measured in BPM (Beats Per Minute). There is a tendency with a lot of the DJs on the B-Boy scene to either speed up tracks, or play music which, in my research, is too way fast for the dance. I've spent years experimenting with top rock, drops and footwork drills to various different BPMs to learn which BPMs fit the dance.
So many b-boys are completely oblivious to the fact that they don't follow the beat, they just hit random beats, and therefore they think that fast music is better (as, to them, it feels like it gives them more energy, as there is more chance they will, almost accidentally, hit a beat).
I made this video to explain & demonstrate basic b-boy foundation applied to music at various tempos and show how the tempo of the music affects the dance, when you stay locked in to the groove.
For mixtapes that will put the groove into your breakin' visit: https://djtimber.bandcamp.com/
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