Premium Spin Cap
Premium Spin Cap
Premium Spin Cap
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Premium Spin Cap

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Our Premium Spin Cap has been constantly improved on for over a decade and is the first of its kind to incorporate an attached band around the head so that your cap stays on during powermove combinations or headspins. The padding attached to the inside of the cap offers protection and is thin enough that it does not interfere with power transitions.

  • Design allows for smoother transitions through your ground power
  • Padding on the inside of the cap to keep your hair on your head
  • Built-in elastic to keep beanie on tight during sets (adjustable and fixed strap options)
  • Machine washable - wash inside out on low/no heat
  • Fits adults and children
  • Made by head spinners for head spinners
  • For use by B-boys & B-Girls

Adjustable VS Fixed Strap

The Premium Spin Cap was originally released with only a fixed strap that stays tight on your head. It lies completely flat on the head all the way around with no points at which you can bump your head. For quick on and off in battles, this option is the best option and your beanie won't fly off in the middle of your round.

The adjustable strap option came from listening to customer feedback. Some users felt that the fixed strap was too tight and would begin to hurt over time. To maintain the best product possible, we have placed the tightening D Ring in a location that is not used in spins. In most cases, it will not interfere with powermove combinations.